My favourite thing is my Mp3 player. It is small and white. It has five buttons which are grey. My mp3 player is square and very thin. It has 0,6 cm. At the top there is a button to lock every another buttons. There is a socket for headphones too. I really like my mp3 player.
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My favourite thing is computer . I like computer,because this item is very helpful . I can use that for play the computer games or find informations . I think this is a machine of XXI age.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
When I was eleven years old, my mother has gave me a wooden pencil case for my first day at secondary school.
It was heavy rectangular in shape and made of bright red-coloured wood. The lid of the box was shiny and covered with a shiny golden stickers of my favourite comedians and film stars . It fastened with a shiny golden clasp. Inside it was full of sharp pencils and clean new rubbers.
When my school days ended the pencil case continued to be udeful as a jewellery box and even as a paperweight among other things . It still reminded me of those carefree and innocent days of chidhood when simple things such as a shiny new wooden pencil case could brought so much pleasure
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