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I live in a house in Warsaw. The house is situated near the downtown. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms in the house. There is also a nice garden outside. Downstairs, there is a large entrance hall, living room, pantry, dining room, bathroom, and a kitchen. All bedrooms are located upstairs. The master bedroom belongs to my parants. It has a walk-in closet and it opens onto the garden. I can sit on a large balcony, which I can enter from my room. There is also an attic on the very top floor of the house. We store there all the things that we don't need.
In my home is six rooms. The first place is hole. Next to hole is bathroom, sitting-room, kitchen, my room, bedroom and my brother's room. Everything walls are yellow. My home is big. It is white. next to my home is big garden.
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