Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my opinion the most popular places to visit in Poland there are: Sopot and Warszawa. Warszawa is the capital of Poland, so the people want to know and see it. The best thing in Warsaw is good chance to life, studying and something more! Sopot is place to relax. People from all over the world want to come and take everything easy. It's extraordinary place. I think that those places would be the best in Poland, because in every of each is nice recreation, more activities. Everybody should see and vote it !
Powinno być okej! :) Proszę.
I think in my country popular place for tourist are Kraków and Warsaw. Kraków is very big city in which you can see wawel's dragon, sukiennice, and a lot of amazing anitque. Warsaw is capital of Poland. Well it's the biggest city in all country. In warsaw you can visit: Pałac kultury i nauki, a lot of beauty parks. In our capital we've got a lot of shopping centre too. Fantastic city is Sopot, that you can see our amazing Baltic see. In sopot every year is excellent festival in which is scoop the best polish singer. In Poland is a lot of beauty place, but in my opinion there are the best.