Dear Carola
Hello ! I want to say you about my best friend. Her name is Ola. She is 12 years old. She is slim, short and pretty. She has got short, blond and very fair hair. She love animals. Her favourite animal is dog. She doesn't like school, but she has got favourite subject: English. When she has got free time she reads books and she visits me or she goes shopping. She likes wears blue jeans and T - shirt, but she doesn't like wear dress and skirt. I like her a lot because she is very happy and she likes everybody.
See you and kisses
Dear Kasia!
Thank you for your last letter!;) Sorry, I haven't writen for so long but i can't write.
You know, i made in new school very pretty and cool friends.
She name's Ania. she is smatr and wonderfull.
she is blond hair and blue eye's. she so vary tall.:D
i'm very like this girl, but she is my best friends. hugs and kises

you're ...... np asia