I spent Christmas in Mirsk every year, but last Christmas I was spend with my family in other place.
23 December 2007 I and my father, mother, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins were going to country Raczków in south Poland. We eating supper in my uncle’s house at evening. I was meeting brother of my grandfather and his wife. I was talking with new (third) wife of my uncle too. Her name is Edyta. She is very nice. All people were sitting near a fireside and my uncle Czarek speak interesting stories abut other countries. He is archaeologist and he travel all year. We were going to bed early, because We were be tired.
Next day was Christmas Eve. At morning women were cooking and men were going to shop. I was helping in cleaning. Children were very impatient. They were waiting for Santa Claus. At 8 p.m. My family and me were sitting near a table. In room were 24 persons. We were singing carols. Next We were (łamać) treating Christmas wafer – it’s Polish tradition. After this we were starting eating. There were much of food. I wasn’t eating fish, but I was eating many cookies. Next We were meeting Santa Claus. He was having much of presents! I get books, money, cosmetics, clothes, mobile and many sweets. At 12 p.m. my family were going to church. I were caring for Children.
Next day We were taking about Christmas Eve and other themes. There was good atmosphere. We were watching TV too. Children were playing new toys.
We ware going to Wronki at 26 December 2008.
It was good Christmas!

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It music quarter of french century (age) tradition holy counting . Performance related with this custom first case (together; time) 21 june 1982 contemporary french minister of culture hold (proceed) encourage compatriot, in order to they have manifested for music love publicly. It is gotten around (is celebrated) in 300 cities in 100 countries today non-commercial holy . To thursday for it international fety as first polish city will be included (will be switched on) torun. Performance will be started about hour 18 and they will end after coming of night calm long. We will hear music on mainly Starówce in clubs -, beer (hazel) gardens (gardens), and also on street staromiejskich. Festival will inaugurate from tower of city-hall bugle-call Staromiejskiego. Among others, concert will be placed in program of performance carillonowy, on bells executable wieżowych. Orchestras wound will march for (after) street staromiejskich, but torun chorus will be presented on courtyard on union of polish artists and designers street st. morale. Children's groups will take a stand in honey-cake village and with house of boy scout youth relate. Musical groups will appear on square at incompetent podominikańskim Zaułku Prosowym. However, christian music (musician; composer) will resound under monument of yan at cathedral (department) st. yan II Pawła. We will hear groups Schola Portamus Gaudium, Macaria, Ox, Claritas, Positive Christian Vibrations. Ruins of locks (castles) Etno zawładnie krzyżackiego. They will play here Shirahime, angola Capoeira, duet Ruszkowski-Poloniewicz, Hati and balkans sing. One of concert will proceed in exceptional place in the area of investigating arrest -.

Christmas is celebrated with family get-togethers when the first star shine all gather around the table sharing the wafer sitting down to make requests to the common dinner table and then waiting for Santa Claus and presents no