I wonna live in cuntry because here is so qeilet an here is a lot of nature, but in here we don't have a cinema and the restourant. I liked city but I wont live in cuntry.

Chcę mieszkać na wsii bo tutaj jest cicho i jest tu dużo natury, ale tutaj my nie mamy kina lub restouracji. Ja lubię miasto ale wolę żyć na wsi
+ village :
quitet place,
green area,
clean, less pollution
no much traffic,

- village :
no cinemas or restaurant,
no transport.

I would rather live in the village, because it is quiet and peaceful.

Wolałabym mieszkac na wsi, ponieważ jest cicho i spokojnie.
I prefer country life because it is safer than the cisty, the air is cleaner and fresher. The people are much friendler. I can ivite friends and we can listen to lound music, have a barbecue or a campfire and we don`t have to worry that somebody will call the police. And it is closer to the forest to pick up the mushrooms.
The city is more dangerous and noisier. There are more accidents than in the country but living in the city is more modern and more exciting there are many pubs restaurants, people can go to the cinema, there arethe hospitals and a police station or fire station.
All the same I prefer country life.

moze byc ?:):)