The Internet is the thing, which we use almost everyday. Practically everyone: kids and adults, males and females have contact with that technology. But is it really good? The Internet is a blessing or a curse?
Firstly, the Internet help us in searching information. Earlier, when we wanted to find something we used a encyclopedia or dictionary. Now, we can find everything information by only one click in keyboard. That is really comfortable because we aren't need to go besides our home. Secondly, the Internet is a spring of news. On the websites we can reading about our favourite actors, singers or other stars. Moreover, what we can do without e-mail or internet communicators for example, Gadu-Gadu? Owing to Internet we can communicate with our friends, we can send them songs, funny pictures, fotos, films and more.
On the other hand, the Internet have drawbacks. The Internet often take our time. It really subordinate. Many teenagers spend every free minutes beside the computer and playing on the internet games. They lose contact with contemporaries, family and extra, they destroy vision. The next disadvantage is that we couldn't know who sitting on the next side. We can talking with nice person but we didn't know what he or she is in real life. This is very dangerous specially for kids.
To sum up, the Internet is a good thing but we must really look on a dangerous what it could be.



Bardzo dobra praca. Nie wyłapałam żadnego błędu.
Praca jest bardzo dobra. Nie ma żadnych błędów. Myślę że jakby to ktos oceniał to ocena BARDZO DOBRA byłaby wystawione przez nauczyciela bez zastanawiania się.