Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Avril !
My name is ....(tu sobie wpiszesz swoje imie..)and I want to tell you something about me and myself. I'm ..(tu wpiszesz ile masz lat)years old , I from (tu wpiszesz z jakiego miasta jestes n p. I from Szczecin this is in Poland)I love my life in my litlle town .I (Tu piszesz czy masz brata lub siostre to jak masz to piszesz np. I have got 2 sisters and 1 brother, a jak nie masz to piszesz :I haven't got any brothers or sisters).. I love your music and You ..you are great ,cool Your hair and you'r smile and your clothes is the best .. My favourite your's song is ''Girlfriend'' is incredible.. I realy want to talk with you .. I admire You.. I Love You.. I can't stop talking about you..What are you doing now..beacuse I listening your music now and I do my homework ..three years ago I bought your New CD and is really fantastic ..
Lovee your fan from heart ;)