I spent my last holidays at my grandma's place.My grandba lives in a little village called Janów and she has got a farm.I go to my grandma's every year and I did not like it when I was smaller.I started to like it when I got interested in biology and animals.This summer my holidays werw even better because I made new friends.My grandma's farm is situated in a very beautiful place.On one side there is a forest and on the other there is a big pond.The water in the pond is clean so you can swim in it as much as you want.Behind the pond there is a little orchard where you can find some apple trees,cherry-trees and pear-trees.There are also some animals at the farm.My grandma has got three cows,two pigs,a horse and a lot of hens.There is a dog on the farm and three cats-my grandma likes cats a lot.Ispent quite a lot of time with these animals because my grandparents needed some help and I like animals.So I milked the cows every day together with my grandpa.It was not very easy at first but I learnt quickly.I also helped to put the cows to the pasture.I helped my grandma to prepare the food for the pigs-these animals are always hungry and they devour enormous quantity of food.I alsofed the hens and gave some hay to the horse.From time to time I went with my grandpa and his workers to the fields.I did not help much because this work is very hard.I helped a little and I enjoyed watching the workers.I liked the way back very much because sometimes my grandpa allowed me to drive the horse.It was very exciting!Mam nadzieję,że Ci się spodoba-pozdrawiam.