Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
When I was younger I read a lot of books. By the way, I like psychological books, so my teacher recommended me the book eutitle "I curse you, body!". I read it and I fell in love with this book. This is a story about girl who has problems at home and at school. She blames herself for everything. She looks for vices in herself and stops eating. She stars a new life, bad life. She becomes an anorectic. She destroyes her body. She smokes very much and makes drags. She flights with her family, so she chooses to escape from her kome. She hasn't got any money, so she sells narcotics and she becomes a prostitute. Her mother is very shattered. She doesn't know what she should do. She finds her daughter and puts her in hospital. Her daughter stars a therapy. After a long period of time she recovers from her ilness.
I recommend this book, because it relates about vices and weaknesses of people and how they struggle with them.