Dear Laura
Hey, my name Artur , in english Arthur
I come form Poland and I'm your great fan.
I love listening to your music but I have't ever been to your concert, becouse you play only in America.

Something about me. I'm fourteen and I'm tall, slim blond man. I've got blue eyes. Character ? I'm funny, nice and a bit prying. I'm popular in my school, I think. I always listen your music in my free time :D, In my school everybody likes hard rock, so they gibe me, somethimes. But I don't care what they say, and I listen your music cuz I love it .
My passion is swimming and athlete, and that's why I am in a sport class.
I think it's all. I hope that You'll answer, and I'm waiting.
Love Artur
ps.My english is not very well so my message can be not readable. I apologize, if I did some mistakes .

Możecie mi to sprawdzić



Moim zdaniem dobrze jest to napisane;)))