You are taking part in a conservation project to save the sea turtle in a foreign country this summer. Write a letter to your English friend, telling him/her all about it. In your letter you should :
1. explain what the project is about
2. say what you duties are
3. invite your friend to visit you
Ten lista ma być na 120-150słow(120-150words). Daję dużo punktów mam nadzieję że mi pomożecie. Jestem w 1 klasie Liceum.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Tom!
How are you?
I am writing to you in order to tell you about the project in which I participate. It is project of the summer conservation of nature in Asia. We are dealing above all with the protection of animals. Among others with protection of the sea turtle.
I must write all sorts departments, as well as programs about manners of the protection of animals. Perhaps you would like to join this project in? With me really cool people are working.
And apart from that the protection of animals is much-needed, since if we aren't protecting them they will simply become extinct.
I would like also to ask you for it to visit me. What do you say?
I am waiting for the response.
With greetings
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