I went to the New York City.
I left London on Sunday morning, 15th of July.
I travel by plane.
Journey took 2 weeks.
My best friend Tom went with me.
During journey I met a lot of interested people and I visited nice places like Ground Zero.
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I went to in London.
I left on 13th on July .
I flew on aircraft.
Journey took 20 days
I was with my family
On the journey have toured a lot of many curious eg. palace of queen, Big Ben.
I woulded like to go one more time.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last Sunday I travelled to London with my brother. We flew there for a week. It was a fantastic time. We saw a lot of museums and famous architectional buildings. We were living in a hotel next to the London Eye. We came back home at about 9pm because the fly lasted 3 hours!
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