The walls of my room are blue. On one side is a desk, a wardrobe on the other. Above the desk is a shelf of books, on the right of wardrobe is the bed with small cupboard. I like my room, I can feel here good.
My room isn't too large. There's two windows in it. Next to the windows there's
a bed. My TV set is opposite the bed. The walls in my room are green. Over the bed there are som bookcases. In the on corner of the room there's a wall unit with a desk, a wardrobe and my computer. I love my rom :)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I haven't got share it with my sister. It is medium. The wals in my room are orange. The saling is white. I have green carpet. There are two bed under a window. There are two chest of drawers and one wardrobe is modem. On the floor is table. The stereo is on the chest of drawers. I like my room. It's comfortable.

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