Właśnie przeczytałeś artykuł "Why Tv is bad for you?". Napisz list do rektora w którym:

1. powiesz, iż telewizja zachęca nas do leniuchowania i podasz argument
2. powiesz, iż wiadomości są często źle ukazywane i za dużo w nich przemocy
3. powiesz, iż podczas oglądania telewizji ludzie nie myślą i podasz przykład
4. podasz dwa dobre aspekty telewizji

120-150 słów



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Mr Collings
I've just read your article about bad sides of television. I totally agree with you. Television encourages us to be more and more lazy. Lying on a comfortable sofa for a long time is bad for our health. Often when we are watching television we are eating crisps and other sweets. Facts on tv are often poorly depicted. It is true that there is too much violence. During watching television people are in another world. They don't think rationally. I'll give an example. There's 'Teletubbies' on the tv. A young child is so excited and it stars to be fool.
Dalej napisałabym coś, ale nie wiem co to aspekty...... :P jeśli to są jakieś zalety, to np.
But there are some advantages too. You can relax and you can find out what's new in the world.

Drogi Mr Collings
Właśnie przeczytałem artykuł o wadach telewizji. Zupełnie się z tobą zgadzam. Telewizja zachęca nas do bycia leniwym i jeszcze bardziej leniwym. Leżenie na wygodnej kanapie przez długi czas jest złe dla naszego zdrowia. Często oglądając telewizje przy okazji jemy czipsy albo jakieś inne słodycze. Wiadomości w telewizji są często źle ukazywane. Prawdą jest że tam jest za dużo przemocy. Podczas oglądania telewizji ludzie są w innym świecie. Nie myślą racjonalnie. Podam przykład. Lecą Teletubisie w telewizji. Małe dziecko jest bardzo podekscytowane i zaczyna głupieć.
Ale jest też trochę zalet. Możesz się zrelaksować i możesz dowiedzieć się co dzieje się na świecie.
Dear sir,
I am writing in reference to the article that appeared in the latest issue of your magazine. The article was about the cons of television and, although I totally agree with the author, I have a few comments concerning the text.
First of all, when we watch television we do not look for any other kinds of entertainment, it makes us lazy. We prefer to sit in front of a TV rather than have some extreme activities which require more from us. It is more difficult to take up sport or go on a trip than just take a remote control, something to eat and sit down in a comfortable armchair.
In addition, the news are often shown from a different perspective and the real truth is slightly twisted. People who create the news like scaring their viewers by showing a lot of violence on the screen.
Moreover, I believe that television makes people stupid. Since it shows everything ready-made, there is no space for our creativity. People watch different programmes and they do not have to think about anything, they do not have to imagine anything because everything is shown.
On the other hand, without television people would not know what is happening in the world. We would live like in the Middle Ages when people were interested only in what was going on in their nearest neighbourhood and gossipping would be our favourite free-time activity. Secondly, television develops our knowledge in different aspects. We not only become acquainted with the news from the world, but we also get to know different cultures, wildlife, various places in the world or the latest technology developments.
All in all, I believe that television has both its advantages and disadvantages but we have to use our common sense and watch it wisely.
I am very grateful that I have an opportunity to express my point of view and share my ideas with other readers.
Yours faithfully,