On Friday evening, I usually stay in. My friends sometimes come to my house and we play computer games or surf the Internet. But this Friday was very important - my friend Oliver had a birthday party! We went to the "Onyx Club" and we had fun!
On Saturday, I had to tidy up my room. Then, I went to my grandparents. I love my grandpa, because he always tells me everything about his past and it is very interesting.
Then I got back to my house and did my homework. After I ate dinner and watched a football match with my dad and my brother. In the evening, I went to the cinema with my friends. A film was very frightening, but we like horrors!
On Sunday morning, I never get up early. At 12 o'clock I went to the Church. In the afternoon, I met my friends and played sports. Our favourite sports are basketball, football and volleyball. I hardly ever go out on Sunday evening. I usually read a book or play computer games.
At 10 p.m. I went to sleep, because I was very tired.
I have made some interesing plans for the coming weekend and I hope that i will be able to realize them. First of all I am going to get up very early on Saturday morning and I am going to buy fresh bread and rolls for my parents. I want to do becouse I want them to be in good mood when I tell them about my plans. I am going to tell them about my plans in the morning not earlier becouse they will not have too much time to think about them. I hope that my trick will work! After breakfast I am going to ask my parents for permission to go to my friend Martyna's little cottage to celebrate her birthday. And I would like to stay there until modnight. I hpoe my parents will allow me to go becouse I am a good daughter and I have no problems at school. Then I going to call my best friend Basia and we are going to go schopping for the party. We have decided that all guests would bring something to eat and drink for the party in order to make it not so expensive for Martyna. We are going to buy some Pepsi Cola, some salami and ham for sandwiches, a few bananas and all ingredients which we need to make a cheese-cake. After schopping we are going to bake the cheese-cake. Neither of us has ever made it so I hope that my mother will help us a bit. When the cheese-cake is ready we are going to prerare our clothes and make-up for the party. Usually I am not allowed to wear make-up but I can put it on when I go to the party or to the disco.
On the Sunday I am going to sleep for a very long time becouse i am not used to going to bed very late. When I wake up i am going to do my homework and study for Monady lessons.