Angelina Jolie was born in 1975 in Los Angeles. She is a daughter of famous actor John Voight. It is one of the most talented actress. She has played in many fabulous films like : Tomb Rider, Changeling and Mrs & Mr. Smith, where she met Brad Pitt, but before she has had already two husbands . Some years ago she started working for charity organization called ONZ .
In may 2006 has born her and Brad's Pitt first daugter Shiloh, and recently there were born twins Vivienne and Konx but they also adopted Pax,Maddox and Zahara.
Angelina's carieer still evolves. She won 4 Golden Globes and one Oscar.
When she was teenager , she started working as a model. She travelled a lot. Bou she did not like that job. When she was 16 she decided to perform as her father . She started to play in teather.
In 2006 she was The most beautiful women in the world by magzin People and she is one of the best paid actress now.
Her hobbies are extreme sports, acting and being mum.
In one interviev she said the she will try to be the best mummy in the wrold. Now she lives in big maison with brad and their children in France. Soon ther will be a film with her called 'Salt' about russian spy.