Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
During the last holidays with family we left in Bieszczady. we settled in the wooden house in the Bukowiec town, from it we planned and we set off to slags. On the first day we went to the Lake Soliński, we walked about the dam and we admired the enormity for her. Main a voyage was an attraction by ship on the lake. During an hour long we watched swimming beauties nature Of the Bieszczady mountains and we listened to stories of the guide about the history of the coming into existence of the container solińskiego. Coming back back through the dam an unusual adventure met us, we came across bear of the Bieszczady mountains. Of bowls was this way insist posed for us to photographs. Of course we stopped by to nearby stalls with souvenirs and we bought corner commemorative things. We started the consecutive day of our touring from the trip to a nature reserve in Terce. We went from the car park with tourist trail to very of called attractive place,, Blue Whirlpools ". In the place the river sailed on it enough with the high speed came across many stones on her road in the result of what striking whirlpools are coming into existence. It is kind of a plunge bath with the hydromassage it is possible to access pleasant massaging the body to the water of senses. The surrounded river is hills, covered with forest. Near this reserve a historic Orthodox church is.
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