1. Take a deep breathe.
2. Drink a lot of water.
3. Watch a horror.
4. Eat a spoon of sugar.
5. Laugh, laugh and laugh
There are three ideas to lose your hiccough: first is drink some water, second is scared, a next is take awey your breathe for a minute.
If you want to take off your hiccough you can go to killer and he scared you that you don't have hiccough ;)
Another idea is drink lot of water.
You can atlought don't braethe for a mometnt (but not long moment).
If you want to take off your hiccough you canjump from bangie and do some oter extremaly sports.
You must drink a wather or juice.
You will dance with a monkey!
You can drink a juice of citrone without shugar!
You will take a deep breathe.
Someone will make you scary!
You can write alone a song about your problems!