Proszę o poprawienie błędów w tym opowiadaniu.

Steve escaped from the house by window.
When he was already outside the house kidnappers drove up.
He was horrified "What am I supposed to do ? to escape?{run away?}"
As it turned out his partner Russell is one of kidnappers.
When kidnappers entered home Steve started escaping through forest, unfortunately it failed for him.
A shot was fireding.
As it turned out it is he in the conspiracy with the Steve's wife Debbie planned it is a manslaughter in order to take over the company and the inheritance from him.
After this incident Russell called Debbie and he said: "it's all over Steve doesn't live".
The Steva wife called the police and she reported going missing of her husband.
For the time of the investigation she didn't keep contact with Russell.
But when the investigation closed Debbie with Russel sold the Steve's company and they moved out to France and there they lived happily ever after.
The truth never came to light.
The end.



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Bledow ne ma duzo . :) ale nie to escape. tylko proponowal bym. should I escape. :pp