Last summer holiday I went to Greece. I visited my aunt. I had so much fun. I played with my younger cousins. I swum in the ocean. I went on a tour with a guide. It was brilliant. I met a fantastic guy. I write him every week. I learnt how to surf. I wish i could go there every summer. I love spending time with my family . I also like travelling by plane . : -)
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This year I spent my first week of holiday with my grandma, then I was gone to Gdańsk .two weeks I met a lot of interest and nice people. We all stayed in camp houses. Every morning we were gone on the beach to take sunbath and later we spent time in the city. At evening there were disco, where I had a great time. we were also on the trip in Zakopane. The end of July I was back and the rest of my holiday I spent at home, spending time with my friends and family . We all together were traveling on variously trips, or if there wasn't good wheather I watched TV or played on computer . Sometimes I was bored. That's, how holiday have passed me in this year.

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In the holiday I was in Władysławowo. I went there on 21st of July.I went to the beach everyday. I sunbathead in the sun. I often went for a walk at the sea shore.On cool down I ate icecreams.I played Volleyball on the beach.I always swam in the sea.I was at the funfair. I rode the rollercoaster.I sailed a ship twice.I went sightseeing in the old lighthouse. I liked playing on the playground in front of my hotel.I was on a tour in Sopot and Gdańsk.In Sopot I was on the quary.In Gdańsk I visited The Dominikan`s Fair.I bought many souvenirs. I and my parents picked up shells on the beach.I took many photos.I liked watching the sunset.I came back home on 3rd of August.

;)) mam nadzieję ,że się spodoba. Ja dostałam 5 ;p
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