Potrzebuję pomocy ! ;( mam zadanie z angielskiego opisać najdawniejsze wspomnienia z przeszłości np. z dzieciństwa ;) kompletnie zmyślone :p z zastosowaniem czasów PAST simple, continuous, perfect. tu są pytania na które mam odpowiedzieć w tym tekście :
1. how old were you? where were you? who were you with? how were you feeling?
2. describe the scene. what were you/ other people doing? what was the weather like?
3. what happened? describe the events. how did you feel?
ma zawierać 200-250 wyrazów. z góry bardzo dziękujee ;***



Royal lock in Warsaw, ancient royal residence, also a registered office
of sovereign powers of the state - of the Seym and numerous crown
offices. Monument to history and the Polish art. Situated on the left
bank of the Vistula, in the ancient prince's town (XIII-XIV in.). In
the Gothic castle team they were major facilities: Large, so-called
Tower Castle (around 1. the XIV halves in.), the Large House and the
Small House (XV in.) and towers bramne: Court and Crane. In 2. for the
XVI half in. a so-called New Royal House was erected (B.G. Quadro).
1598 - stepped 1619 thorough reconstruction of the Castle (G. Trevano,
M. Castelli), allocated by the Zygmunt Waza the third for the head
office krolewską. He assumed the current shape of the building on the
pentagonal plan, with the formal facade from the west, with topped
Royal Tower.

From the side of the Vistula a garden was established (after 1625),
insides gained the rich baroque decor (1637 - 1642) - among others a
Marble room was furnished (J.B. Gisleni, P. Danckers) and stage room
(and. Locci, B. Bolzoni). The Swedish invasions (1655 - 1656 and 1704)
caused damage and pillage of the Castle. He was rebuilt in Saxon times.
During the reign of the III August an eastern wing was raised (1737 -
1746, project of the G. Chiaveri, J.J mouldings. Plersch). The next
reconstruction took place for Stanisław of the August of Poniatowski.
They drove her J. Fontana, next D. Merlini.

From 1771 a Large luxury apartment was being built with the Marble
Study (1771 - 1774) and salami: Ball (1779 - 1783), Knight's (1781 -
1786), Throne and with Conference Study (1783 - 1786, Merlini, J.Ch.
Kamsetzer). Also the residential royal apartments were made (1774 -
1777), enveloping rooms: for Mirowska, Prospektowa, Presence and the
chapel, the bedroom, the study and the wardrobe. A Royal Library was
raised (1779 - 1784, Merlini, Kamsetzer). They made painting
decorations: M. Bacciarelli, B. Bellotto called Canaletto, J.B.
Plersch, sculpting - and. Le Brun and J. Monaldi. Insides of the Castle
from the period of the times of the reign of Stanislaus II 1764-1795
are regarded as the most excellent examples of classicism in Poland.

In the period of disassemblies the Lock yielded to considerable
devastation, sets whereas - for dispersion. From 1915, and mainly after
regaining independence, restaurant treatments were being conducted (K.
Skórewicz, from 1928 and. Szyszko-Bohusz), a part of sets was regained
from the USSR. from 1926 the Lock was a registered office of the
president. During the II world war entirely destroyed. Rebuilt from
public funds: 1971 - 1974 building shell, to 1981 the decoration and
equipping interiors. At present he is housing the museum of insides
with rich harvests of the painting, the sculpture and the handicraft.
Here also formal state celebrations are held.