Adam Mickiewicz was born on 24 December 1798r. in the farm Zaolzie Nowogrodek. Shortly after the birth of Adam State
Mickiewicz Nowogrodek moved to where my father was a poet of the future defender of the court. Adam also there, he enrolled in a school run by the Dominicans. In 1815. after graduating from high school in Nowogrodek moved to Vilnius where he studied at university, started them on the faculty of mathematics and natural but after the first half of the department changed the teaching gzie got a government scholarship.? During his studies he joined the Society Philomaths, and wrote poems for the association problem before. in 1818r. line: "We have to evaluate the serene heavens." In 1819 after the discharge, Mickiewicz had honor to work as a teacher at the school Kaunas to work off the scholarship. In the Kaunas wrote "Ballads and Romances" which became part of a collection of poetry released in 1822r.
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Adam Mickiewicz

Adam Mickiewicz of the largest makers of Polish literature. His life is an example of a classic biography of a romantic, typical for an entire generation. It lay down, inter alia, the situation prevailing in the country, and echo the romantic belief foundation.

Mickiewicz was born on 24 December 1798 years in the near Zaosiu Nowogrodek. His family came from the gentry, his father worked at the court in Nowogrodek. In those first passed around a small life of Adam, who went to school there run by the Dominicans. In 1812 Mickiewicz's father died. In 1815, Adam went to Vilnius, where the University started to study.
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