Dear Zack,


I'm sorry I haven't written for long. I have been very busy for over 2 months. How are you? I hope everything is alright.

I've started a new school recently and this school specialise in different kinds of sports. I started running a lot. I'm writing this letter to you to encourage you to running. It's really beatiful sports and it's good for your health. You wuold lose weight, have a better condition. You can run with me if you want.

I'm ending my latter. I hope you will think about it and give me an answer.

I look forward to hearing from you.


3 3 3

Dear John,

I'm very sorry, I haven't written for so long. It's because of the exams I had to pass.

In your last letter you told me, you are not doing any kind of sport except for chess. That's not good. You know, moving our body makes us feel better and it is good for our health. I think, you should start to ride bike. I know for sure that you have one. Start slowly, only few minutes a day and you feel the difference.

How is your sister? Is she healthy again? Please, write soon.

Yours forever,


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