Prosze o rozwiązanie zadania!z angielskiego daje naj : )))
odpowiedziec na pytania po angielsku !

1. Did you have a pet?

2.Where did you spend Holidays ?

3.What did you do in your free time ?

4.Did you pley musical instrument?

5.What sports did you play ?

6.What hobbies did you have ?

7.When did start school ?

8.What subject did you like?

9.Did you like school?

prosze o szybką odpowiedz!: ) z góry dziekuje !



1.yes, i did
2.nie wiem
3.nie wiem
4.yes,i did
5.i played (i sport jakis)
6.nie wiem
7.i start school in 8 o'clock
8.nienie wiem
9. no, i did
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Yes, I have a dog and two rabbits.
2. I was in Tunisia.
3. I went to the beach and I swam in swimming pool or the sea.
4. Yes, I play the guitar
5. I play football ang basketball
6. I select a stamps
7. I started scholl at 7.30
8. I like art and P.E
9. No I don't. It's boring
1. No, I haven't.
2. I spent my holiday in Gdańsk.
3. I listen to the music.
4. No, I didn't.
5. I play volleyball and basketball.
6. I love listening to the music and I like English a lot.
7. In September.
8. I like sport.
9. On, I didn't.
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