Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zadanie 1
1. Am playing
2. Will do
3. Am going to visit
4. Am going
5. Will watch
Zadanie 2
1. Is playing
2. ‘s having
3. Is going
4. I’ll
5. I’m going to paint
6. Going to buy
Zadanie 3
2. Shall we play tennis on Saturday morning?
3. Let’s have lunch at a restaurant.
4.Why don’t we watch a DVD?
5. Maybe we could go for a walk in the park?
6. Do you fancy going out for a drink?
7. Why don’t we go out for dinner?
Zadanie 4
1. Sure
2. Fancy
3. Afraid
4. That’s
5. Plans
6. Idea
7. Kind
Zadanie 5
a) are you doing during the
b) And what are you going to do
c) am going to eat; are you doing
d) am watching
e) we meet
f) a good idea; will we do
g) don’t we watch a good film
h) meet at 7 o’clock.
i) you then.