My dream school would be fantastic. Students would be nice and cultured. There would be no division on the status of materilany and of who the family in which he was born. The school atmosphere would prevail heat. All would be nice to each other. Lessons trwałyby 30 minutes would be 10-minute break. There would be no homework.Teachers engaged in lessons that nice, not pytaliby and did not do unannounced checks.Marks can be acquire through the lessons and activities and tests that pupils write after each completed section. Teachers arrange study trips, but going to the cinema.School be painted in warm colors, so there was a better mood. Would be clean and tidy. That is my dream school.
Moją wymarzoną szkolą jest szkoła w której jest bezpiecznie. Uczęszczają do niej dziewczyny i chłopaki.W szkole panuje miła i sympatyczna atmosfera. Nauczyciele mają zawsze czas dla swoich uczniów i odpowiadają na każde pytanie.Nikt się nie nudzi.W szkole znajduje się wiele zajęć dla uczniów min. kola zainteresowań

My dream is to train school where it is safe.Go to the girls and boys.At school there is a pleasant and agreeable atmosphere. Teachers always have time for their students and respond to each question.Nobody is bored.The school has many activities for students min. Wheels of interest.