Przeczytaj poniższy tekst z którego usunieto 4 zdania.Wstaw zdania oznaczone literami A-E w luki 1-4,tak aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst.

Where is the most expensive house in the worls?You might imagine that it is in Los Angeles,the home of a movie star.Or peharbs a palace in the Middle East. 1_____
The price of the house is an amazing $122 million.So what do you get fot that sort of money ? To start with ,103 luxurious rooms. 2______There are also five swimming pools.
The luxury starts before you even enter the house. 3_____Opening the door , the visitors can see marble,and beautiful wooden and leather furniture.
There is jutr one problem with the house.No one wants to buy it.Experts believe that there are only about twenty people in the world who would who would be able to buy it.4____

A.These are on three floors and include thirteen bedrooms.
B.The house is close to a motorway witch is good for those arriving by car.
C.The Owners are now waiting for one of them to decide to move to England.
D.You park your car on a marble drinweay that stays dry even in winter.
E.It will surprise you but in fact it is in England.

The text was written to
A.find a buyer for the house
B.inform readers about the house
C.tell the readers how to get to the house



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1 - E
2 - A
3 - D
4 - C
The text was written to
B. inform the readers about the house
2 3 2