There was heavy, beguile fairest day in my life but at the same time? Most handsome boy shrink in whole school ( ) Chris, it has invited me on randkę! I was so zszokowana, that when it has asked me, thinks it only odbąknęłam? yyy. So, what don't beguile about? I have to be fallen under land (earth) willingness, could think yet , if this my? yyy? It beguile uncertainty, either (or) that cause worse (bad) distaste. But about it smallest. I saw, they looked with that on I girl from school elite jealousy, but then, I was felt as in sky it in whole already. After return to house, to that think dress, when I have peered at watch be surprise and I have cried about it (him) -! It beguile hours 2 only! - Have said I in thoughts but? And zero of idea on it. I have heard voice after moment mum < have > have you on what -? Only? Hours 2? It has asked with arising interest (becoming interested) -. - Eee. For nothing! I have cried - zapeszona, what because? I had to say, if on from (with) randkę ślicznym Chrisem? - Aaa, Understand I already? It has said with apprehension, but there was after moment in my chamber (peace). Unfortunately, with stack of dress in hands found , it has extracted skirt towards my surprising from case, I would forget about which (who) ( but there was yet my favorite ), then it has put her (it) on knees me, has whispered it for ear (ear)? Successes? And it has left (has gone out). - Due to, . It - barely wydukałam. I has been dressed to suggested by mum fastly apparel and it has come on on make-up pore < time >, but I have advised with (from) already enough fastly it. I will concede, that never I looked else so pretty (beautiful), but I was jittery < irritate > very and I did not know, if (or) I will appeal Chrisowi, but there was most important yet. Have peered I? There was 17 half past, so, I had 15 minutes of leisure near. I was tested (was tried) to relax before TV, but it has given nothing, I thought of it memorial < they (their) > any longer randce, I was immersed it more. I had to cancel this whole meeting even willingness. As I have refrained . I have decided from house exits (outlets), before I will make something silly. I was after some (certain) time on already Crenshaw Boulevard Street, where we have face each other. There he (it) was already. It waited. Heart on its (his) view me begin soundly beat (scramble). Greet it - Susan? It has said, but when I have heard as it has spoken out my name, have bent legs I pode? I thought, that you will not come. - Honor (worship), why? - But I do not know. A lot girls already ? wykiwało? I - you never not wykiwała? I have answered and I has been felt so piteously as never until now, I shrink , else this my uśmieszek, total obciach. That (in order to) save situation ask where (how far) we will go, but he (it) has answered, that los angeles would like from (with) I street pospacerować. I was surprised a bit, I thought, that we will be on some (certain) lunch even if in (to) McDonald's. My thinks about it as first should look interrupt voice randka Chrisa you know -. It don't beguile many times far too < market >, let's move they so,? It has pronounced. - Well < goods (right) >. Will make you after our meeting? I have asked from ordinary curiosity -. - Hmm, It beguile for arrangement (settlement) cause few < steam > < couple >. It has resounded strangely - enough, but I have thought, that it issues only me so. Theme has changed fastly - what at you but there? - As it flies. I will say - sincerely, I had it enough randki, I did not know, that that it can be with (from) boring Chrisem, as it resulted from tales of girlfriends, that otherwise, had completely. You are - reticent . - Not, it issues it. About it (him). I feared it most. Come (threatened) awkward calm. It knew nobody has say that, I had impression, that somewhere there is thoughts far Chris. It a bit zmartwiło, because I thought, that I please it (him), but it, that probably, it were wanted to meet (to face each other) show (testify) from (with) I about something. It has peered to cell (cellular phone) (! ) And it has said insolently, that it must fall already. - Has not passed it from our meeting even 20 minutes but? I have grunted convened. I apologize, will indemnify I it some other time? It has answered sweetly so, that zamdliło. - Not, it will be no other case (together; time). I see off Chris. There was sadly - me, but I felt sure for it, that it it complete flap randka. - But Susan, it wait! It tested (try) to detain (to halt) me -, but I went home fastly so as it has been given . I have met him (it) in school following day proceeding corridor. There was not < self-service store >. There it has stood with certain girl and I heard as they agreed on today. It has not peered on I even Chris. I have proceeded beside this girl specially have whispered I and? Successes? I was felt as some (certain) psychopath. It were wanted to laugh me, though this situation was not funny. But surely I know one NEVER with (from) MORE RANDEK CHRISEM.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My first date was really cool. Marcin invited me to go to cinema. We have seen a really nice movie. It was romantic one. I almost cried there and when he had seen it he hugged me, then he started to play with my hair because once I told him that I like when people mess with my hair. It was so cute. We were eating popcorn and drinking coke and then he spilt his coke on my dress. I was shocked! I lend this dress from a friend to look great at the date and he just spilt it on me! There was so big wet place, but he told me to not worry and after the movie we went to a shop and he bought me a new dress. This one was even nicer. He said that I look so pretty. He also took my friend's dress to the chemical washers then he invited me to a walk in the park. We were walking there and then he took my hands and asked if he could kiss me. I told him that I like him so much and we kissed. It was really nice. Next we were walking a little more and talking. After that he took me back home and asked to go out tomorrow too. I was so happy. My friend didn't really mind about the dress and I had first and the best date I could ever have.
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