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On Friday I went to school an eight o'clock. I was tested on history and I got only a four unfortunately. On my return home I ate my lunch with parents. Later I played football and I came back this way tired I lay down kind of for a moment, but I slept up to the morning

On Saturday the mum awoke me very early, since we promised the grandmother that they would be helping her in privately rules. At least it didn't want to go for me I had to. On our return we went by the time parent for shopping. We walked very long in diverse premises, but nothing he was, so we got back home. On my return I had to clean at home and in my wardrobe, since I already cannot not find nothing. Late I wrote the homework from history and Polish as soon as I learnt to be Monday from mathematics. Above 19 after me my arrived and with time with them I went for a walk. I came back after two hours, I took a bath and I got into bed, I fell asleep at once, since I was worn out very much.

On Sunday we went with parents at the ninth hour to the Holy Mass. At the Church ordering about children and parents was, that older should set an example younger. When I got back home, we drank the tea with parents and we ate cookies. Later I went to myself into the room and I studied of chemicals. Later we ate our lunch, I washed dishes up and we went to the auntie for the name day. It was very great, but I came back very much tired and I lay down to sleep.
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On Friday evening,I usually watch TV.My friend Natalia smoetimes comes to my house and we surf the internet.Next I have a shower and I go to bed.On Saturday morning I get up up early.Next I eat breakfast,often sandiwthes.After that I usually do my homework,In the afternoon J always meet my friends and we play volleyball or tennis.Next I often watch TV.On Saturdey evening I surf the internet.I runn with my brothers.On Sundey morning I get up at 8 o'clock.Next J go to church.In the afternoon I sister watch television film on DVD.I often meet friend,play football.I go usually go to shopping wit my mum and sister or visit my grandparents.On Sundey evening J always study.I have shower and I go to bed.
Prosze o najlepsza ; D
Moja jest lepsza od Karolci ; )
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I go home to friday after school and I execute lessons. I observe television for late in night later and go sleeping. I enter to saturday on court and I face each other with friends and on play a computer. I read book next and put sleep. I walk to sunday for church and I face each other with grandmother, when television return observe and put sleep. I read book next and put sleep. I walk to sunday for church and I face each other with grandmother, when television return observe and put sleep.

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