Chodzi o pracę domową z Angielskiego. Ja ja zrobiłam.. chodzi tylko o sprawdzenie błędów.
To ma być opis minionego weekendu w czasie Past Simple. Dziękuję z góry ; **

My weekend
Saturday 28 th November
In the morning I went to my grandmother and taught my sister geography. At 1:10 pm I ate dinner and at 2:10 pm I went shopping with my sister. We bought four tomato , one cucumber and plastic bag. When I saw delicious cheese I saw that in the shop was thief. He haved gun. I was depressed That was big trouble. He stole lots of moey. Some woman cryied. Thief was happy , and he run because my sister called to the police. Then we rode to the house. At 4:10 pm I went to the cinema. I think that\'s film was very stupid. In the evening I answer my very intrested history. My family was scarried. At 8 pm I ate pizza and wathed horror movie. At 9 pm I went sleep.

Sunday 29 th November
In the morning I went to my friend Kasia. Then we went to the gallery. We went to record shop. I bought one CD\'s . At 3 pm we went to cathedral. Then I go to my house. I went sleep. In the evening I did my home work. At 8 pm I ate supper. Than I wathed TV. At midnight I went sleep.

To jest troche bez sensu.. ale cóż. Błagam pomóżcie!



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