In the picture I can see six people sitting at table. There are three men and three women. Two of them, boy and girl, are young, next two, man and woman,are middle-aged people, and last two, are older. All have festive clothes. Probably it's family at festivity table. They are smiling and laughing, because probably someone told something funny or they are in good mood at all.
In the picture I can see six people who are sitting on the table.They are in a dinning room. There are three women, two men and a teenage boy. They are eating dinner. They are talking to each other ans smiling On the table I can see some wegetables, some meat, flowers, and a candle.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-In the picture I can see family eating supper.
-At the table, I can see burning candle.
-I think, there is night.
-Everybody are smilling.
-There are grandparents.
-Grandparents talking with parents.
-They are eating pancakes.
-There are flowers at the table.