Dear Santa.
I'm Michael and i'm 16. I live in Poznan, in Poland. I love Christmass and i really believe in you! This year i was very polite. I go to school every day and i don't conflict with my parents. I don't smoke and drink alcohol. Really!
I would like to get some presents from you.. I was very polite, so why not? ;)
I would like to get new computer (laptop!), because my old computer is so old-fashioned. I'd like new music player too, and a bit money. Please please please!
I'm waiting for you on the eve. I will leave cookies and milk for you! :):)

Mam nadzieje ze sie podoba :)
Hello Dear Santa Claus.

My name is Kinga, I am 15 years old and I am from Kielce.
Shortly about me.
I am always smiled, but of course, when it is necessary I can be serious. I always try to help the others. I seldom think about myself. Therefore in my letter I will start enumerating from the presents for the others.
So for my brother (Artur), I ask you for the yellow sybmarine, because he always dreamed about diving with sharks. For my mother (Beata), I ask you for a villa with swimming pool and sauna in the backyard, because her dream was to have a hause. (If you could not fulfil the dream about the villa, a small hause with two rooms, saloon, kitchen and bathroom, would be enough). My father (Krzysztof) would like to have a big family car, to make our holiday trips more comfortable. For me a small, black-red Yamaha scooter and motorcycle card (to be able to ride everywhere by myself) would be the best present.
In the end, I will write only one thing: ?Thank you very much Dear Santa Claus?

Best wishes,

Tylko zmien dane.
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