Dokończ zdania. Użyj bezokolicznika lub czasownika z końcówką -ing.
1.I can teach you to dancing.
2.He refused_________________
3.The teacher expects us________________
4.Don’t pretend_________________
5.I’m not keen_________________
6.Why do you avoid___________________?
7.They don’t feel like_________________
8.We succeeded in___________________



2. to hlep
3. punctually about 8
4. surprised
5. to work
6. the penalty
7. at home
8. in the meeting
1 5 1
2.He refused to help
3.The teacher expects us to do homework
4.Don’t pretend sleeping
5.I’m not keen dancing
6.Why do you avoid coming to me?
7.They don’t feel like nothing
8.We succeeded in to wash dishes
2 5 2