Czasownik "to be"


I AM very lazy student.
You ARE my best friend.
He IS really nice boy.
They ARE my parents.
You ARE good at Maths.
We ARE teachers.
She IS my sister.
I AM well-known singer.
They ARE great actors.
The dog IS the best friend of human.


IS he your friend?
ARE you good at English?
Who IS your brother?
Where ARE you know?
What IS the time?
Can you tell me where ARE my books?
IS she in love?
ARE they nice?
Do you think we ARE late?
IS she at the work now?


They ARE NOT friendly people.
I AM NOT 15 years old.
She IS NOT good friend.
They ARE NOT married.
He IS NOT at the school now.
The dog IN NOT hungry.
My uncle IS NOT nice person.
The lion IS dangerous animal.
This buildings ARE very high.
The flower IS really pretty.