Complete each senstence in two different ways. Use si and because.

I' ve got a lot of money becous i won the lottery.
I' ve got lot of money so I'm going to buy a car.

1. I was tired.
2. She arrived late.
3. This place is good.
4. Fast food is unhealthy.
5. I'm feeling strong.
6. I love you.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1) I was tired beacuse I haven't slept for two days.
I was tired so I went to a bed.

2) She arrived late because she must staied in job.
She arrived late beacuse so she doesn't make a dinner.

3) The place is very good because is very cosy.
The place is very good so I'll stey there for 3 days.

4) Fast food is unhealthy because there is a lot of fat.
Fast food is unhealthy so I won't eat it.

5) I'm feeling strong because I go to a gym everyday.
I'm feeling strong so I'll be go on a kick-boxing.

6) I love you because you're so beauty.
I love you so I'm going to marry with you.