What does it take to be a superhero ? Stan Lee is maybe the best person to answer this question. The creator of Spider Man , the X Men, the fantastic Four, Daredevil , Iron Man , Captain America and the incredible Hulk, created his heroes to help people who them The incredible Hulk wasn’t like the other superheroes. Most superheroes wore red and blue, this one was green and purple. Lee made the Hulk a scientist ,Dr David Banner ,who changed into a monster when he got angry. The Hulk looked like a monster but acted like a hero. He didn’t want to hurt people were afraid of him. Still, the Hulk wanted to help them because he knew it was the right thing to do. The Incredible Hulk was so popular that it became a successful TV series.
Z powyższego tekstu odpowiedz na pytania. Prawda czy fałsz. Napisz z jakiego zdania Się tego dowiedziałeś???

1. Stan Lee created the Incredible Hulk……
2. The Hulk wore red and blue….
3. The Hulk looked ugly….
4. The Hulk changed into a monster when he was afraid.
5. People didn’t like the hulk…
6. The Hulk was a TV show…



1.True (prawda) - jest w zdaniu 3
2.True (prawda) - jest w zdaniu 4
3.True (prawda) - jest w zdaniu 6
4.True (prawda) - jest w zdaniu 5
5.False (fałsz) w zdaniu 7 jest tylko napisane, że ludzie go się bali, nie ma mowy o tym, że go nie lubią
6.True (prawda) - jest w ostatnim zdaniu

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