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1 year ago i have been to mountain with my parents. It was great!
We were going for long walks. I met interesting people. I ate delicious food. My mum bought owsome souvenires. My hotel was perfect. There was a swimming pool. I spent there a lot of time.
I'd like to go there again this year.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My Winter holidays.

As early as autumn my parents were making plans for our winter holidays. My father insisted on going to the mountains but my mother was not sure if it was good for her health. However, she consulted her doctor and he assured her that two weeks in the mountains would undoubtedly be harmless and relaxing. That is how our parents decided on spending their winter holidays in Zakopane.
Zakopane is the centre of winters sports. The town is situated in a valley in the Tatra Mountains. In winter it attracts many tourist who may go on an excursion by cablecar to Kasprowy Wierch and admire the beautiful panorama of the Tatras; lie in the sunon Mount Gubałówka or go for a long walk in the Tatra National Park. For those who like hikes the Tatras are a real paradise.
For use winter holidays in Zakopane were an unforgettable experience. We lived in a house situated on a hill by the wood. From there we had a wonderful view of the surroundings. We could admire majestic mountains covered in white, powdery snow and evergreen spruce forest. Although it was very cold, I went skiing every day. In the afternoon we often went to café, drank tea or coffee, ate cakes and exchanged impressions. Sometimes my parents went dancing with their friends who also spent their winters holidays in Zakopane. Next year we would also like to go to the mountains because we had a very good time there.