Znajdz na necie jakieś 2 ilustracje eistaina (tzn nie musi byc ale fajnie by było ) i drugiej (jakiejś jeszcze nie znanej osoby) i sporządź ich opis trzeba napisać o ich wyglądzie osobowości o tym co lubią a czego nie!

PROSZĘ :) dałam wszystkie punkty jakie miałam



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

People who I'd like to describe are Einstein and Billy Joe Armstrong.
I'd like to start from Einstein. He was scientist and great physicist.

As first person in the world he'd discovered calculation of space and published it befor other scientists. In my opinion he was looking strange. He had straight , white hair, huge nose, black mustache. He was short and wear suits with ties. I really don't know what he used to eat in his age; it was so long time ago.

The next person I'd like to describe is Billy Joe Armstrong.
He's still live in order to Einstein who died about 70 years ago.
Billy is a guitarist and Singer in famous punk band called: Green Day. He had black medium lenght hair, no mustache, tiny nose ang green eyes. He usually wear rock clothes ex. black trousers tubes, belts with studs, sneakers and coloured t-shirts. He is vegetarian. He has youn wife, children and a lot of friends.

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