The film is about girls looking for adventures in shopping galleries. Young girls who wanted to have nice clothes. Met with the rich guys and a pair of pants with him sleeping.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Retail parks – contemporary temples of the consumption, colour exhibitions, the shining jewellery, expensive beauty treatments and fashionable clotheses. In such places Milena and her friends are spending the free time. Rich men which in exchange for the sex are giving to teenagers gifts are paying them for the shopping - it is only times normal, pink band to hair. Soon a new girl is attaching to the group of friends – Alicja. At first he is feeling alienated, but soon is already starting becoming them like. Between Alicja and Milena a strong bond is starting being formed. In the same time for her a peer is falling in love with Alicja – Michał. For Milena the boy will become the rival. It is linking girls, that at home they have the heavy situation. Fact that they have the willingness to presenta.In the end it, that... are ready for anything.