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Mam napisac krótką recenzje filmu obojetnie jakiego . Recenzja ma być po angielsku i ma zawierac takie słowa jak :

The film is set in...
It is based on...
T he film was directed by ...
It stars...
The cast include...
It tells the story of...
... play the part of ...
The main character ...
I recommend the film to anyone who likes ...
The film is iteresting boring because ...

Troch duzo tych słów ale można za to zarobić troch punktów. Prosze o pomoc .
Recenzje potrzebuje na poniedziałek dokładnie na 14.12.2009 r.
PROSZE POMÓŻCIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CZEKAM NA ODPOWIEDŻI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HELP , HELP , HELP , ... !!!!!


We as a nation has a strange tendency to dwell failures and forget about the heroes. Worship on 1 September and the Warsaw Uprising, forgetting that Wielkopolski Uprising Uprising Silesian partially successful.
Therefore it is very good that finally appeared in a story going on Irena Sendler - one of the greatest heroines in our history.

On the screen we see a relatively short period of Sendler's life - from 1942 until her arrest by the Gestapo the following year. But it was then organized a network of people who helped her move out of the ghetto, doomed to destruction of 2.5 thousand. Jewish children. We see on the screen difficult moments, moments of doubt, death and tragedy of the Jews. But not for a moment did we see fluctuations in the main character.

Watching the film you have in mind that in Poland for helping Jews was punishable by death. In no other country help victims of the Holocaust has not been punished so severely.

Film was made in Latvia. Surviving historic center of Riga succeeded in Warsaw, where old buildings have been destroyed after the Warsaw Uprising. Developers took care of historical detail. With great care climate restored Polish streets under occupation. On the streets of German interwoven with Polish, Yiddish and hear the ghetto.

In the original film was recorded in English. The Polish cinemas watch dubbed. Unfortunately, the voice will never be as good as the original soundtrack. At times sounds a bit artificial, but the biggest complaint that I can put film.
I lack a bit of "background". Better explain what was Zegota (the only organization in occupied Europe, dealing with the Jews), several details of the history of World War II. Foreigners, especially Americans, may be difficult to understand without this some of the scenes.

The film really makes an impression. There is no unnecessary brutality, murder and torture scenes are presented in a way that leaves a lot of our imagination. On the other hand, is well shown ghetto - its poverty, and the whole tragedy. I hope the movie will do a lot of ideas for the liquidation of "Polish anti-Semitism." Fortunately, this is not candy laurka. And among the Poles and the Jews are "those evil". But the majority of our countrymen are overwhelmingly positive figures.

In the role of Irena Sendler is Anna Paquin. As a child, got an Oscar for his role in "piano". Was more recently known for lighter films (three-part "X-Men"). This role shows that he still works in a more intimate films, with fewer special effects. It is pity that we can not hear her voice as dubbingowanej.

Together with her appears on the screen a galaxy of Polish actors. It is worth to mention a supporting, but a very good role as Dr. Christopher Pieczyńskiego Korczak. It's not as creation of Wojciech Pszoniak of Andrzej Wajda's film, but also Pieczynski is quite small role.

You can head to the movies and see that the Poles are not geese, have his Schindler. And after leaving wonder why was nominated for the Nobel peace in 2007, Irena Sendler lost to Al Gore and his fantasies about global warming.

Troche sobie pozmieniaj pododawaj te slowa kotre musisz zamiescic w tej recenzji!
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