Mm napisać list nieformalny z j. angielskiego.Ma on zawierac 120 160 słów.Podziekowac za list,przeprosic ze długo nie pisałem,co robie codziennie po pracy,jak spędzam weekend,co robiłem w ostatni weekend,co bede robił w przyszłym tygodniu



Hi you Sedecznie. Thank you very much for your letter which you sent me. Now I do not have time to write foxes. How do I come from work that I do not have time because working on a new project. Collect materials and do notes. Sometimes I have had enough. Last Saturday I was with friends at a party momi. It was very nice and ... loud! I returned home in the morning. I got up in the morning as I had no strength for anything. But I drank coffee and gained strength. I arranged with my girlfriend.It was very nice. I am really in love with her. Maybe next time pujdziemy together with our girlfriends to the cinema? What do you think? I am very happy. I already finish it, please reply but I do not know if I have time to write back. I greet you a warm welcome.

może być ? :))