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-opisujących kolejność zdarzeń
In the meantime...
First/At the beginnig...
I was on holiday when
After....., there was a
Finally/In the end

-kreujących napięcie
And then, out of the blue....
But I had no idea/didn't know that...
It turned out that...
What's more....
to make matterse worse...
All I could do was...
I was lossing all hope when...
Imagine my horror...

-opisujących reakcji na zdarzenia
I was horrified/delighted when I saw...
I realised that....

-oceniania zdarzeń
The best /worst thing about is was that...

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The story of the holiday

Things to everyone associated with the sun and gorgeous warm water. It is time that we can use to rest, reflection and a great adventure. Throughout the school year sitting on the books and notebooks, absorbed the greatest amount of knowledge. And when the school year ends and we get a certificate begins with well-deserved rest. Everyone has some plans as well as thoughtful and spend two months this summer. For me, the best vacation is a wonderful beach and hot water. I like to listen to the melody, which creates a sound of the sea, watching the distant ships floating on the panes, they are light as the birds sit to relax during the long flight. Bath for the body in the sea salt water is like a balm for body, mind refreshment. Holidays is the time to read a good book, while the hot sun, warm and tan body. Sometimes I wonder of your life what it is, and what I want to be. In the life of the most important is what I will when I finish school.

Conclude that every man has an impact on what he encounters in life. Depending on what is a man that can live in harmony with nature and human beings, is sensitive to the suffering of others and is able to correctly assess the situation and find a solution. For me, the ultimate goal is to get education and then a good job. I would also like to help people, to whom fate has been unkind, in our country and times which we live, no one pays attention to the sick, homeless, lonely, and yet they are waiting for a helping hand. People are preoccupied with work and their own problems and therefore do not see the suffering of others.
I hope that there will come a time that everyone will respect and care for each other. Perhaps I am a dreamer, but you dream about something, and something to believe.

Returning to relax and have fun during vacation is a time of sweet laziness, learning about different people. Great form of recreation and nature can be a trip into the forest, observation of the animals, birds and plants themselves that are there. I love long walks in the forest paths, among the heather, over my head I hear the birds singing, I think they are happy. During these walks, you can observe changes that occur in nature eg in June of Jagodzin formed wonderful and delicious black berries, urzywane to desserts, jams and other delicacies. By contrast, in September, the forest is surprising us a rich offer of mushrooms, I like to collect these wonderful riches of the forest. I know many places where you can not just nice to spend their summer vacation, but also a lot to learn, to see. We have in our country called the cradle of the corners of history. These places attract the culture, sights and stories from ancient times.
Summing up that vacation time is spent in the moments of fun, relaxation and also learning, but not in the school bench only to nature.

Every young man has his favorite places to visit and feel happy to be there, great, it's an escape from everyday life, gray day and the hardships with which every day must face. I really enjoy these wonderful moments, but at last it comes time to return to school, the responsibilities arising therefrom. Again, wait nine months for the perfect holiday full of surprises, interesting people and places.

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