My favourite sport is basketball.I play it in sport club call Herkules.We won,and was third in Poland .I also like singing. I go to CKSE for lessons. We have got a lot of concerts. This is big fun. I think, everybody schould have hobby.
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My hobby is music. I listen to music all the time when I am at home, except when I am in the living room and the television is on. Most of all I like pop music and such pop singers as Prince, Tina Turner and groups such as Dire Straits, The Rolling Stones. I often watch MTV music programmes and I'm especially keen on concerts with groups or singers. Every group has at least one good song so I also like to listen to the top ten of the hit lists. I also like to play the guitar and sing. My voice is not very beautiful but I like singing. It is hard for me to imagine life without music.
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