temat: Read part of John's letter to you.What is John's problem?
(jak dobrze tłumacze to :napisz list do Johna dające mu rady)
w załaczniku macie jak to ma wyglądac.ale samemu trzeba napisac argumenty itp

na jutro..;']



Dear John,
Thanks for your letter. I was sorry to hear that you and your flatmate are having problems about sports.I've got a couple of ideas which i hope will help you.
Firstly, you should everymorning go jogging. Its good idea for healthy life.
You should also sometimes go swimming and play for example volleyball.
Secondly, how about your children ? They must do many exercises.
You should jogging with you children.
Well, I must go now, beacouse I,ve got my own housework to do ! I hope this ideas help. Write or give me a ring if there's anything else I can do.
Best wishes,
( no i jak masz na imie xD) Pzdr !
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