Aries (21.03 -19.04)
Take a moment to think about upcoming journey. But be careful with your health. Stars position will have positive effect on your heart affairs. Don't underestimate your premonitions. Try to attend hair stylist this month. It's possible that Scorpius that you've met will be seen as interesting companion for friends birthday party. Don't forget about your relatives - holiday season is an ideal time for burring hatchet and putting an end to old conflicts.
Lekkie nerwy w domu będą Ci towarzyszyć w pierwszej połowie tygodnia. Twoja kondycja fizyczna będzie godna pozazdroszczenia. Pojawią się okazje do nawiązywania nowych przyjaźni. To czas finansowych sukcesów.

Lightweight nerves in the house will accompany you in the first half of the week. Your physical fitness is enviable. There are opportunities to make new friends. It is a time of financial success.