On Friday we went with the boys on the estate. It was very cold, but we are not disturbed. We planned how to spend a Saturday, because we invited our friend to the cinema. After returning home, I regained all lessons.I knew that tomorrow and on Sunday I will be busy.On Saturday, about 11 went to the cinema, the romantic comedy.The film was a bit boring, but the girls liked it.We decided to go eat something.After the pizza we said goodbye to the girls. They went shopping and we drove to me to watch the match.The match was fantastic. We went to sleep late, so on Sunday we were tired. On sunday I decided to watch a movie with my brother and teach a little.
I decided to lie down to sleep early,because tomorrow was a school.
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At the weekend I go to my granny. It was very good. I play with my uncle on football. I winner. I can ride a tractor, but I don't like read. My granny cook cake. I eat very good sandwich and I drink realy milk.