My room is blue ( lub inny kolor). It's small ( lub big, jeśli jest duży). In front of window there is my desk. On the desk there are a lot of books or exercisebooks. Next to the desk there is my wardrobe. Above wardrobe there is a picture. My bed is in the left of the desk. In the middle of the room there is a carpet.
In my room, there is a big bed, which is very comfortable. Next to the window, there are a desk and chair. There are wardrobe and five shelf, which books leave on. On the floor lie very soft carpet. Walls are fair yellow. On the wall is a clock. I very like my room. It's the best.
My room is very small.the walls are blue.on the flor is red carpet.in front of door is a window with a shutters.under the window is my bed.My desk stay near a bed.On the desk are a lot of books and pens.My wardrobe is very big.the wardrobe has a mirrow.