Who is your favourite cartoon character?
Answer the questions.
1.What's his/her name?
2.Where is he/she from?
3.What does he/she look like?
Write a few sentences about him/her.
Fond a picture to decorate your project.

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My favourite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny (Królik Baks). His skin is grey. He is tall and slim, he has a big long ears, and black eyes. He is a very crazy character. Bugs crunches carrots and often repeats his favourite saying: What's up, doc? His contrast is hunter Elmer Fudd.
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My favourite cartoon character is Shrek. He is an ogre. His skin is green and he's got funny ears. His wife is called Fiona. She is an ogre too. He is my favourite character because I really like the movie about him. Shrek is a comedy character. I recommend the film very much!
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