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Prosze napiszcie opis kwiatu po Angielsku najlepiej jak to bedzie opis rozy jak bedziecie pisac to piszcie jakiego to jest kwiatu opis



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My favorite flower Rose. Rose is a different color, but mainly red. It has sharp spines. It is for me very nice. I like getting them. They are constructed from a large number of petals. Other colors are for example, yellow rose, white, and pink.
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Pink, Pinks - Rose

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German measles
German measles
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German measles
German measles
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pink creeping
Pink creeping
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pink miniature
Pink miniature
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The Przepiekna of pink - Alexander
The Przepiekna of pink - the aleksander
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Pink creeping
Pink creeping
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Pink creeping
Pink creeping
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The rose, then one of the most beautiful kinds among shrubs which was valued already of advantage in antiquity and from that time, the front place occupies among decorative plants the pink, called often " the flowers' queen”. Pinks step out in whole zone of moderated northern hemisphere and they have shrubs' figure, very diverse, from species according. Their height hesitates from fifteen centimetres, to even ten metres at creeping forms. Raised speeds, adhesive or trailing, armed less or numerous in spikes. Radiant flowers, double, półpełne or full in all colours, for except clean blue. Thousands we can group on several groups roses' changes, what are at present accessible,, namely on wielkokwiatowe pinks, multiflorous pinks, pinks creeping, cover pinks, bushy pinks, wild pinks, pinks in standard form, miniature pinks, as and very fashionable recently group pink English.
To pink very good and she grew easily, it requires warm position, sunny and suitably moist. The most suitable sbasis should be piaszczysto - clay or clay, fertilized for laxity. They do not tolerate boggy, cold the and heavy soils, the pH on level 5,5-7. In period of growth need a lot of moisture as also the fertilization (to end of June), the thanks what the dusts will be pretty cut and the abundant blooming. To increase roses the most easily across, seedling,'s vaccination odkłady. Can chosen species also increase across seeds. Dependent is planting from this, or we bought in container pinks czy from naked roots. We can plant almost whole year in containers pinks, however these second autumn or spring, though autumn planting, be been careful for more profitable. Very important intervention in tillage pink is the intervention of cut, at majority made, what year, diverse according from given group. Ściółkowanie sbasis facilitates from weeds fight as well as it pozwalać on longer maintenance moisture. On winter the majority of species requires before frost protection.
Pinks have universal use, according from species. They be used both it to house gardens, on terrains grows green, flower beds, on discounts, individually or groups on lawns, to covering walls, bows, pergola, as also on biting flower.
Gathering and Preservation
To gathering the most suitable wild rose's fruit is. We make the gathering, when the fruit is mature, usually under end of August or in September. We dry in temperature not crossing 55 ^(0) C.
Spice and her use
Rose's fruit is in our kitchen applied spice enough seldom. Fruit makes up to meats, in peculiarity perfect addition to venison as well as to passed to them sauces. Spices from fruit be used to production of faults, liqueurs and colourful liquors. It rose's petals were used was as aroma to stewed fruit, jams as well as in confectionery business. We with rose's lists can prepare herb tea - party.
Propriety and healing working
Rose's fruit has working diuretic, they stimulate appetite as well as they brake bleeding from blood dishes. Mature fruit contains a lot of vitamin C (fruit contain over hundred razy more vitamin C than apple), vitamin with gr. B, garbniki, carotene, iron as well as apple acid and lemon. The pink be used in treatment the cold diseases, disorders of digestion and the diseases of liver. Rose's fruit is for weak persons valuable herb, from devastated organism, women in pregnancy as well as older persons and subject on stress.
Period of blooming
The most often since June till October.
Frost-proof, though majority requires protection, in case the sale low temperature which can damage shrubs.
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Rose results for family rosaceous – kind shrub necessary < belong >. It is on northern hemisphere known 150-200 sorts taking a stand, large number is served sometimes even twice, that results from different treatment taksonów. Majority change of decorative rouge rose reproduces rouge rose on pads from wild wegetiv.
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